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The goals of the AUD Health Center are to provide accessible health care, and serve students and employees needs on campus by encouraging wellness through health education.

The Health Center maintains standard university practices of health services, and provides routine medical care for minor acute illnesses and injuries. The Center also strives to assist students in preventing absences due to health problems.

Minor cases are treated on the premises; students may be referred to health providers in the area for more serious problems requiring treatment that exceeds the AUD Health Center’s capabilities. The University Health Center also conducts blood tests for residence visas, for individuals sponsored by the university.

The Health Center also provides health education programs for the university community on a regular basis.
The mission of the AUD Health Center is to provide general care and health supervision of all currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff and to promote the prevention of illness and the well-being of students, staff, and faculty.

The AUD Health Center promotes, improves, and maintains a healthy campus environment by providing accessible, high-quality care, health supervision, and educational programs, which encourages students, faculty, and staff to preserve their overall well-being.

  • To provide and sustain the highest quality of health services
  • To serve the campus community’s needs by promoting wellness, through health educational workshops and outreach activities on relevant topics, in cooperation with health specialists and international associations
  • To support students suffering from special medical conditions (Special Needs Accommodation)
  • To monitor, guide, and respond to any health related issues that can affect the AUD community.
Emergency requests for Health Services are handled through the on call service. In the event of a serious emergency, after working hours, contact the UNIVERSITY HOTLINE 555, the security guard will inform the nurse on duty.
AUD Hotline Ext 555
Ambulance 998
Dubai Police Department (general cases) 999
Breast Cancer Awareness
On the occasion of the Breast Cancer Awareness month, a group of students at the American University in Dubai produced three short videos for Breast Cancer Awareness day.

Watch the video