• *** Final Exam dates for Fall 2017 semester start on December 17 and end on December 21.
  • ***Payment and Printing Invoices can be done online through "Student Portal
  • *** Registration for Spring 2018 ends on November 21, 2017; check Registration/Payment deadlines online
  • *** Administration office hours are 8am - 5pm
  • *** AUD ID cards for new students will be available in the Registrar’s Office starting Sunday, September 17, 2017
  • *** Fall 2017 semester starts September 04, 2017 and ends December 21, 2017
Are there costs for AUD Health Services?
AUD Health Center visits are free of charge; however, patients with serious illness or emergencies will be referred to specialists, or will be transferred to a regional hospital. Naturally, there are charges for this type of service.
Who can use the AUD Health Center?
Students, staff, faculty and their families residing on AUD campus can access basic health care at the University Health Center.
Can a student visit the clinic during class?
The Health Center Director doesn't issue excuses from classes for illness, unless it is a serious emergency.
Is it compulsory to fill out the Student Health Form?
Yes. In order to provide the appropriate health care for students and maintain up-to-date health records, all students must complete the Student Health History Form (Health Forms are provided in the Admission Kit, at the AUD Health Center and online). Failing to complete this form and having it signed by a physician will prevent students from registering for subsequent semesters at AUD.
Who provides Health Services after working hours?
Two staff nurses are responsible for the on call emergency services after working hours; the nurses live on campus.
Are medical records confidential?
Yes. All medical records are kept under a locked filing system; they are not released to others without written consent (Authorization of Health Information Release) of the student or his/her parents.
Is the AUD Health Center connected to a specific health center in Dubai?
Yes. There is a doctor on call from the American Hospital Dubai. 
Does the university provide medical insurance coverage?
Private health insurance covering care in the UAE is mandatory for all AUD students. To meet this requirement by enrolling in the AUD - sponsored health insurance plan, please check the AUD Health Insurance Plan section. Students, who cannot provide proof of existing health insurance coverage through another approved plan in the UAE, are automatically assessed the insurance charge to the payment bill.
Are dental services included in the health services offered at the AUD Health Center?
No. Dental services are not offered at the Health Center; however, the Health Center Director maintains a list of local offices offering discounts to students.