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  • Enhanced standards and quality in program offerings;
  • Selective diversification in program portfolio;
  • The liberal arts as the wider context for life-long learning and professional readiness;
  • Ever more “American” in terms of the total educational experience;
  • Strengthened integration with local community (university as a “point of reference”);
  • Expansion of facilities on an “as-needed” basis and technology applied to pedagogical and service enhancement.
There are seven (7) Values that underpin AUD’s operations and development and that characterize its dealings with students, faculty, staff, and other constituents:
Whole Person Education – AUD values the intellectual, personal and professional development of its students;
Excellence – AUD values excellence in all that it does and is committed to continuous improvement in its educational offerings and services;
Integrity – AUD values honesty and transparency and has high standards of legal-adherence, morality and ethics;
Service – AUD values all of its constituencies and partners with its stakeholders in the achievement of their objectives and aspirations;
Diversity – AUD values diversity in all its manifestations and recognizes its contribution to the quality of university life;
Tolerance – AUD values respect and open-mindedness as proper responses to concepts, opinions and customs that are diverse, new or unfamiliar;
Accountability – AUD believes that all members of the university community are responsible for fulfilling their roles in support of the institutional Mission and Purpose-related Goals and that evaluation of individual performance should be based on the degree to which this responsibility is satisfied.