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American Graduation Ceremony
The American University in Dubai follows the standards of academic dress and protocols followed by hundreds of American institutions of higher education. Students wear black gowns with accompanying caps. The mantle, worn over the shoulders, is distinguished by AUD’s colors of blue and white and an accompanying border distinguishing the particular discipline. Faculty members wear the academic dress from the institution from which they received their highest degree or an American University in Dubai academic costume. Students wear the cap or “mortar board” in black with a black tassel. The tassel is worn on the right until a degree has been conferred. At that point, the tassel is moved to the left by AUD’s President during the actual ceremony. Students who have achieved academic honors are designated by honor cords which are worn around the neck and visible at the front of the gown. The academic procession is led by a marshal carrying the university’s flag. Master candidates are first, followed by the Bachelor candidates. After the students enter, another marshal leads the faculty and staff. They are then followed by the members of the faculty and administration along with the Keynote Speaker. The procession ends with two marshals carrying the flags of the United Arab Emirates and the United States of America. Keynote speakers have included James Baker, Ray LaHood, Steve Forbes, Seymour Hersh, George Mitchell, Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger, Madeline Albright, Christiane Amanpour, Cherie Booth Blair, Margaret Spellings, Colin L. Powell, Lou Dobbs, Robert Gibbs, Dennis Kucinich, Arianna Huffington and Antonio Villaraigosa, Gordon Brown, and most recently, Sara Ganim.
AUD Gala Dinner/Awards Ceremony
Held in spring of each academic year, the AUD Gala Dinner is a formal event that honors AUD graduates as well as other students, faculty and staff. A series of esteemed awards, including the President’s Awards, Departmental Awards, and Student Services Awards, are granted as a result of nominations from the AUD community.
Desert Safari
At the beginning of each spring semester, the Office of Student Services and the Student Government Association jointly host the AUD Desert Safari. Hundreds of students, faculty and staff attend this yearly event that includes dune bashing, a desert barbecue, and sand boarding.
Orientation Welcome Week
Each year the Office of Student Services organizes a series of orientation trips/gatherings to allow new AUD students to connect with the orientation leaders, as well as the AUD community at-large. These events are designed to foster a sense of community and encourage new students to get involved in campus life.
International Night
AUD truly capitalizes on its diverse student population by holding an annual International Night. Students are encouraged to wear their national dress, showcase their unique cultural traditions and share their heritage with the entire AUD community. Dances, poetry readings, singing, fashion shows, and plays by AUD’s various cultural groups are some of the highlights of this event.
U.A.E. National Day
Each November, all members of the AUD community are invited to join in a celebration of Emirati culture during National Day festivities, which are coordinated and hosted by AUD’s Emirati students.
Student Forum
The AUD Student Forum is designed, executed, and managed by the AUD Student Government Association (SGA), under the guidance of the Student Activities Coordinators. The Forum is held during the Spring semester and is a means by which the university collects student feedback about AUD issues. A general survey is conducted by the SGA, which reviews all issues related to campus life-i.e. Sports, residence halls, student activities, general academic issues, and general non-academic/administrative issues. The Director of Institutional Effectiveness provides the SGA members with the results of the Student Satisfaction Survey. These results are combined with the results from the SGA survey and both are used to create a presentation for the Student Forum.