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As a learning community, the American University in Dubai (AUD) continually endeavors to fulfill the needs of its internal stakeholders through ongoing enhancement of its academic offerings and the quality of students’ learning experience, and by expanding the professional growth opportunities it provides to its faculty and staff.

Additionally, AUD recognizes the important role of its external stakeholders in supporting the university’s quest for excellence and prominence as an educational institution whose mission explicitly includes a commitment to serve the community and contribute to the advancement of the society in which AUD exists and operates. These endeavors and the focus on internal and external stakeholders’ needs have shaped AUD since its first beginnings in 1995 and have been instrumental in bringing AUD to its present position as a premier university in the UAE, the GCC and beyond.

The Office of Institutional Advancement and Development (OIAD) is an integral part of AUD’s senior administration structure. The OIAD’s mandate is to develop and implement strategies for growing the university’s external initiatives, partnerships and engagements, and joining them with the university’s endeavors towards its internal stakeholders. The OIAD mission and a summary of the OIAD’s scope and functions are presented below.

I look forward to hearing from AUD’s internal and external constituents—students, faculty, staff, alumni, leaders in the corporate and public sectors, academic institutions, other stakeholders and all organizations that are interested in partnering with AUD. Our office will be proactive in reaching out to these constituencies. At the OIAD, we would be delighted to explore prospects that are mutually beneficial and rewarding.

Jihad S. Nader, PhD
Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Development
OIAD Contact Information

OIAD MISSION: Headed up by the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Development, the OIAD plays a leadership role in advancing the university’s mission, goals and strategic priorities by establishing, strengthening and sustaining relationships with AUD’s external constituencies, and by devising and overseeing the implementation of strategies that cover a wide range of development activities internal to AUD.


New programs: Leading the process of identifying opportunities for the development of new academic programs and other offerings that meet existing and emerging learning needs

Professional accreditation: Management and oversight of the processes that aim at maintenance of existing professional accreditations and timely completion of accreditation work in progress; identification of opportunities for expansion of professional accreditation

Rankings: Management and enhancement of AUD’s institutional and program-specific rankings through relationship-building with leading ranking organizations

Executive programs: Repositioning, redesigning, relaunching and managing AUD’s Center for Executive Programs and Professional Services (CEPPS)

University representation: Relationship building and representation of AUD to the wider academic community and to corporate and public sector partners and stakeholders locally, regionally and internationally

Outreach: Development of strategies and guidelines for a wide range of outreach activities for implementation by the academic and administrative units; hosting partner institutions, corporations and government agencies at events that focus on advancement of society

Endowment: Development and activation of AUD’s Endowment Fund and pursuit of other external funding endeavors

Communications and publications: Editorial (linguistic) oversight of all institutional communications and publications in both soft and hard formats