• *** Fall 2017 semester starts September 04, 2017
  • *** Withdrawal deadline for Summer II 2017 is on Aug 03, 2017
  • *** Make sure not to miss the payment deadline, otherwise you will be dropped from your courses
  • *** Normal Registration for Fall 2017 starts July 10, 2017 and ends Aug 10, 2017; check registration/payment deadlines online
  • ***Summer II 2017 semester starts July 2, 2017, and ends Aug 16, 2017
The office of Academic Affairs (synonymous with the Office of the Provost/Chief Academic Officer) is responsible for the design and delivery of AUD’s academic programs and the quality of academic life at the university.
AUD offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as certificates.
AUD faculty are recognized annually through the President's Awards and the Provost's Awards.
Serving the Community at large as a source of expertise from within the AUD faculty members, AUD’s different Centers offer services ranging from training and consultancy to research projects within their respective sectors.
AUD provides various mechanisms to support these endeavors and enable faculty to meet the university’s expectations and grow as educators and scholars.