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  • *** Spring 2019 semester starts January 13, 2019 and ends May 02, 2019
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Welcome to the office of the Provost and Academic Affairs

The Provost leads the office of the Provost and Academic Affairs, and is responsible for AUD’s academic, education, research, and innovation environment, principles and experience, and for setting and achieving AUD’s academic, pedagogical, learning, research and innovation priorities that advance its mission.
The office of the Provost and Academic Affairs creates the environment and synergies to facilitate AUD's achievement of its academic, research and innovative potential by collaborating with other senior administrators to create and implement its long-term academic and research strategies and plans. The office orchestrates multiple activities, and engages faculty, students, staff, alumni, the industry, and the community to ensure fulfillment of strategic goals. The office also focuses on fostering cross-disciplinary programs, and on bringing out the great energies and talents of the faculty and on leading cross discipline programs and collaboration among the faculty and with other university divisions.
The Provost works very closely with the President, the Executive Vice President, and the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Development, and with the academic deans and administrative division heads to ensure timely review of all academic programs and policies, and appointment, promotion, and compensation of faculty members and other professionals in AUD’s academic divisions.
The Provost also performs external academic outreach and representation functions aimed at building collaborative relationships and promoting the academic well-being and reputation of the university with the academic and professional communities and with government agencies, locally, regionally, and internationally.
The provost chairs the Academic Council and  oversees the appointment and promotion of all academic staff (Deans, Chairs, Directors, faculty members and academic support staff), serves on the Administrative Council, and chairs or is a member of various standing and ad hoc committees whose work impacts academic life at the university.
The heads (Deans/Chairs/Directors) of the following academic units report directly to the Provost:
  • School of Architecture, Art and Design
  • School of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Business Administration
  • Mohammed Bin Rashid School For Communication
  • School of Education
  • School of Engineering
  • Center for English Proficiency

The Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs is committed to supporting and inspiring excellence, innovation and collaboration throughout the university. Together, with other members of the AUD community, we are building a shared culture that values teaching/educational excellence and creates learning environments that are responsive to the fast evolving needs of the learners and the market place, and to contribute to the advancement of society. AUD aspires to graduate holistic, creative, interdisciplinary and transformative citizens for the sustainable advancement of society.

  • To foster academic leadership in all academic units at AUD;
  • To help new faculty to integrate quickly and successfully into AUD’s teaching-focused, student-centric culture;
  • To pursue excellence in pedagogy and student learning by continually upgrading the methods and quality of teaching and its quality and effectiveness;
  • To enhance communication between faculty, Deans and Chairs, and the office of the provost and academic affairs;
  • To foster, recognize, publicize, and celebrate faculty accomplishments;
  • To manage the forecasting, planning, budgeting, and spending process for academic units;
  • To upgrade the organizational and administrative setup, processes, systems and resources of the academic units for higher effectiveness in program delivery and student learning;
  • To provide faculty with opportunities for professional development and engagement that would serve the community and enhance student learning.