• *** Administration office hours are 8am - 5pm
A hallmark of AUD is its culturally diverse student population. AUD students come from many different countries and backgrounds and bring a wide range of viewpoints, special interests and talents to enrich the learning community. Selection of students is based on an individual assessment of each applicant. Final acceptance is not granted until the university has received all required admissions documents. To assist the admissions personnel in making informed decisions, an admissions interview may be required.
Students should be aware that all original records, letters and other documents provided to AUD as part of the admissions process will remain university property. Students are required to submit copies of the original documents, with these copies bearing the original required stamps and attestations. Physical records for rejected applicants and “no-shows,” which are not collected within two years of submission, are destroyed.
The university reserves the right to evaluate the adequacy of all credentials submitted for admission. Furthermore, students are reminded that omission or falsification of information constitutes sufficient reason for rejection or dismissal. This dismissal, requiring the President’s approval, may occur at any time during a student’s residence at AUD; i.e., upon discovery of the omission/falsification.