• *** Final Exam dates for Fall 2018 semester start on December 15 and end on December 20.
  • *** Withdrawal deadline for Fall 2018 semester is on November 8, 2018
  • *** Fall 2018 semester starts September 02, 2018 and ends December 20, 2018
  • *** Administration office hours are 8am - 5pm
All students seeking graduate admission to the university must submit the following list of documents along with the completed Application for Graduate Admissions Kit.

Applications for admission to AUD’s graduate programs are evaluated by the Graduate Committee of the respective graduate program, which consists of the Program Director as Chair, two graduate faculty members appointed by the Program Director, and in some cases one representative of the Admissions Office. The Committee employs a balanced approach, based on the principle that ample satisfaction by an applicant, of one or more of these criteria, may to a reasonable extent compensate for deficiencies in one or more of the other criteria used in the applicant’s evaluation.
Submission of Documents Students should be aware that all records, letters and other documents provided in the original to AUD as part of the admissions process will remain university property. The university reserves the right to evaluate the adequacy of all credentials submitted for admission. Furthermore, students are reminded that omission or falsification of information constitutes sufficient reason for rejection or dismissal. This dismissal, requiring the President’s approval, may occur at any time during a student’s residence at AUD; i.e., upon discovery of the omission/falsification.)
To be considered for admission to an AUD graduate program, applicants must submit the following documents and information:
 An Application for Admission to an AUD graduate program, duly completed, signed and dated by the applicant. The application must clearly specify the program and specialization option to which the applicant wishes to be admitted.
 Original, official transcripts of academic record from all universities, colleges or other postsecondary institutions attended by the candidate; to be submitted to the Admissions Office. Transcripts should be attested by the appropriate higher education authority in the country in which the undergraduate degree was granted, and must be translated into English if they are issued in a language other than English.
- Applicants with degrees granted outside the U.A.E. should obtain attestation from (a) the Ministry of the country of study; (b) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in/of that country; and, (c) the U.A.E. Embassy in that country or the Embassy of the country of study in the U.A.E. and the U.A.E. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
- Applicants with degrees granted outside the UAE should obtain equivalency from the UAE Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs . It is solely the applicant’s responsibility to obtain this equivalency from the MOHESR.
Confirmation of University Records, required from every university attended by the student before joining AUD to be e-mailed directly from the student’s university to the Admissions Office at AUD.
 Undergraduate and Graduate Diplomas – originals required for verification.
 A statement of the applicant’s career objectives, special professional and academic interests, and other reasons why the candidate wishes to pursue their choice of program at AUD, as well as the applicant’s special skills, expertise and interests that might contribute towards enriching the graduate learning at AUD.
 CV or resume describing professional and academic experience.
 Official test scores (as required for each program): test scores must be submitted at the time of application; however, subject to the evaluation and approval of the Graduate Admissions Committee, applicants who have not taken the tests at the time of application may be granted conditional admission (see p. 20), with a requirement that they submit satisfactory test scores not later than the end of the first term following admission.
- M.B.A. applicants: Test takers to authorize GMAT® to make scores available on the university’s verification link or send official score reports to the Admissions Office.
- M.Ed. applicants: Praxis® Core Academic Skills for Educators score sent directly to the Admissions Office.
- M.S.C.M. applicants: Official GRE® score. Test takers to authorize ETS to make scores available on the university’s EDM (ETS Data Manager) verification link. AUD’s GRE® code is 7493
Evidence of satisfying the English language requirement: TOEFL® or Academic IELTSTM or EMSAT. Tests are accepted once verified by the Admissions Office. The university’s TOEFL® code is 0063.
 Reference Forms: Graduate Committees will look for evidence of each candidate’s maturity, seriousness of intent, perseverance, academic and professional preparedness, promise and potential, and chances of successful completion of the graduate program. Candidate is required to submit two Reference Forms or letters of recommendation completed by present or former university instructors or employers.
 Photocopy of passport, residence visa page, UAE ID, and two passport-size pictures.
 Non-refundable application fee of AED 420.