• *** Final Exam dates for Fall 2018 semester start on December 15 and end on December 20.
  • *** Withdrawal deadline for Fall 2018 semester is on November 8, 2018
  • *** Fall 2018 semester starts September 02, 2018 and ends December 20, 2018
  • *** Administration office hours are 8am - 5pm
The mission of the Admissions Office at AUD is to provide excellent service to all prospective students and to ensure that the admissions process is completed in a timely and comprehensive manner.

  • To provide access to higher education;
  • To recruit students consistent with AUD's goals;
  • To provide accurate information on educational opportunities to prospective students; and
  • To provide quality services to prospective and new students.

First-Time Freshman
AUD seeks well-rounded students who demonstrate a probability for success in the institution’s programs of study. To this end, AUD will take into consideration such factors as leadership and student activity records, scholastic achievement test scores, evidence of school and community service, demonstrated potential for academic success or development, student work or employment records, and distinctive talents or abilities possessed by applicants.
College Transfer Students
AUD seeks students who can build on their previous university educational / employment experiences and move successfully to complete degree programs of study. In applicable academic programs, transfer credit may be accepted by AUD from any recognized institution. Courses accepted for transfer must be relevant to the program of study, and the content and outcomes must be considered as the equivalent to the courses and outcomes of the AUD degree program.
Visiting and Study Abroad
Applications from Visiting and Study Abroad Students are also welcome. Thanks to our international recognition as an accredited institution, Study Abroad and Visiting students from colleges and universities from the four corners of the world have studied at the American University in Dubai.