The School of Architecture, Art, and Design at AUD acknowledges laptop computers have become an integral part of the commercial industries related to the programs offered by the School. To advance computing skills required to enter and succeed in today’s competitive job market, School learning objectives require all students to own a laptop when they begin their second year. This will greatly enhance the learning process and will address instances of limited availability of or access to AUD-supplied computers and software.
Specialized software demands of these career fields require laptops which must meet or exceed the hardware, software, and accessories specified in the respective department checklists below. Policy specifications will be updated on a regular basis matching industry changes. Students will not be required to purchase new laptops when specifications change if they already have one meeting previous specifications. Students are expected to use their laptops when no desktop is available in the School’s facilities.
To best provide options for students to purchase laptops, the School of Architecture, Art and Design provides several solutions. Students may purchase directly from recommended vendors who offer educational prices. In addition, the School works with the university’s IT Services Office and local vendors to offer several hardware options, which can be purchased with the assistance of AUD for deeper discounts. Software used by most programs in the School are available free of charge or at educational discounts to students directly from vendors or may be preinstalled through the local vendors option.