The School of Arts and Sciences recognizes that pursuit of an academic minor enriches a student’s overall educational experience, increases job prospects, and provides a unique context for learning in the nexus between two distinct knowledge domains. It is a rich tradition in American-type institutions of higher education, and the basis for exploring interdisciplinary studies. The School also believes that students should be encouraged to complete academic minors as part of a carefully planned program of study with minimal demand for courses beyond what is required to complete their chosen degree program.
In addition to the university-wide requirements on academic minors, all minors offered by the School of Arts and Sciences will adhere to the following four principles:
  1. General electives and/or Arts and Sciences electives can be applied toward the completion of a minor.
  2. A maximum of one course from either of the following may be applied toward completion of an Arts and Sciences minor, subject to the requirements of each individual minor:
  • Arts and Sciences Core
  • Required courses (Foundation/Core, Major or Professional Electives) for degree programs outside of Arts and Sciences
  1. A maximum of one course can be counted toward a second Arts & Sciences minor.
Students must satisfy all pre-requisites for courses taken to complete a minor.