Composition and Literature Program Writing Contest 2015-2016
The Division of English at the School of Arts and Sciences recently announced the launch of the Composition and Literature Program Writing Contest 2015-2016 edition.
The annual Composition and Literature Program Writing Contest honors excellence in undergraduate writing by offering awards for essays demonstrating outstanding craft and critical complexity. 
The essays, written for English composition or literature courses represent a variety of genres, from personal narratives, to research essays, to literary criticism. 
Winners can receive prizes of vouchers valued at up to AED 500, an official certificate of recognition, and a chapbook publishing all of the award winning essays.
The categories are Best First Year Composition Essay (ENGL 101 or ENGL 102) and Best Literary Analysis Essay (ENGL 103 and above).
Submission Guidelines
  • Your essay title must appear on both your cover sheet and at the top of your first page
  • Your cover sheet must include the following:
    • Your title
    • Your name and student ID #
    • Your instructor’s name and course code for which the essay was written (For example, ENGL 101N)   
  • Neither your name nor that of your instructor should appear anywhere in your submission other than on the cover sheet and permission form
  • The permission form must be completed and signed by you and your instructor. The permission form must be turned in with the essay in order for the essay to be eligible for the contest. Download it here.
  • Deliver your hard copy and one completed and signed permission form to the School of Arts and Sciences Administrative Assistant, Ms. Zeina Tbaishi in C423
  • Upload an electronic copy of your essay (without the cover sheet) on ID#: 12460376; passcode: contest
The submission deadline for Summer, Fall, or Spring Term (2015-2016) courses is May 3, 2016. 
Entries will be judged by a committee of English Division faculty, and winners will be notified in October 2016.
If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Gail Hammill at