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AUD Athletics
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AUD School Sports Challenge 2016
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The AUD Knights were introduced in 2009, the logo of which was created by Mr. Jawad Al Shamali, an AUD Visual Communication student, who won a campus-wide design competition.
The AUD Knights slogan is Born to Lead. We are today, slowly but surely, as students, faculty, staff, and alumni around the world referring to ourselves as Knights.
For the highly competitive student-athlete, who is interested in competing against universities from the U.A.E. and elsewhere, AUD offers the opportunity to join a number of intercollegiate teams.
  • Men’s Basketball
  • Men’s Cricket
  • Men’s Soccer
  • Men’s Tennis
  • Men’s Volleyball
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Women’s Soccer
  • Women’s Tennis
  • Women’s Volleyball
  • Men’s and Women’s Swimming
Students who represent AUD on an intercollegiate sports team must be able to balance academics with the demanding schedule of training and competition. Team members must understand that practices and games are held in the evening. Students who schedule courses starting at 7:00 p.m. may not be able to remain active on the team, because attending practices is mandatory.
AUD athletic and recreation facilities with the exception of the housing weight rooms are open to all AUD students, alumni, and faculty and staff and their families.

All facilities are available during normal working hours of the university and in accordance with the campus-wide curfew and sports teams’ practice and competition hours.

A schedule of operating hours can be obtained from the Athletics Coordinator.
Intramural sports at AUD are organized every semester. Specific dates and times are announced by the Athletics Coordinator at the beginning of each semester. Participation is limited to AUD students. Traditionally, the Athletics Coordinator has organized intramural games in table tennis, soccer, volleyball, basketball, cricket and tennis.
  • The Provost/Chief Academic Officer in consultation with the Athletics Director will determine if the tournament deserves official excused absence status (usually accepted tournaments including AUD hosted tournaments, overseas tournaments, and U.A.E. Higher Education Sports Federation Tournaments).
  • Student-athletes are expected to notify their instructors as soon as they are aware they will be missing a class due to a status approved athletic competition.
  • Student’s will NOT be excused from any scheduled exams or any due assignments. The responsibility is on the student to respect the class syllabus or make mutually acceptable arrangements with the instructor prior to being absent for class.
  • Athletes must be in good standing with their teams in regard to attendance and discipline to qualify for an excused absence.
  • AUD sports coaches should send a complete list of all athletes who participated in a particular game or tournament. This should be sent to the Athletics Director before 4:00 p.m. the next school day following the excused absence. The list should include the student’s classes that were missed, the athlete’s name, date and time of the game, location of game, and the coach’s signature.
  • The Athletic Director will forward a complete schedule to the Dean of Student Services for final verification.
  • The Dean of Student Services will forward the verified list to the Provost/Chief Academic Officer.
  • The Provost/Chief Academic Officer will issue the official excused absence to all relevant parties. Post-event excused absences will not be granted.
  • An excused absence will be given for any class that falls within two hours of the actual match time when the game does not take place at AUD.
  • An excused absence will be given for any class that falls within one hour of the actual match time when the game takes place at AUD.
  • The time given for athletes to report to Student Services will be extended to one week for any overseas tournaments.
At the discretion of the Office of Academic Affairs, absences incurred due to participation in university-sponsored activities or sports tournaments may not figure in the calculation of a student’s total absences.
The AUD athletic program offers many opportunities for the intercollegiate team sports that are available to AUD’s students, staff and faculty. AUD Athletics also has a drop-in program for all students who are interested in staying fit.