In September 2012, AUD successfully launched a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree focused solely on educator preparation, specifically elementary and secondary school teachers. The first cohort graduated in May 2014 and included twelve M.Ed. degree candidates representing eight schools in Dubai and one in Sharjah.
In accordance with the 2021 Vision of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, to boost the quality of education in Dubai and in response to multiple inquiries as well as the data collected from focus groups, AUD now offers a Professional Teaching Certificate (PTC) program that focuses on building and strengthening the instructional practices of teachers and career changers.
AUD continues to be a front-runner in the region and prides itself on being responsive to the needs of the UAE and the GCC region. The influx of expatriates in recent years and the greater value placed upon education by the local population have led to an increased need for trained educators and enhanced higher education opportunities. Until recently, many positions in schools were filled by individuals who lacked any formal teacher training or any practical experience in a classroom.
Committed to the goal of fostering and accelerating excellence in education throughout the UAE, particularly in the areas of teacher quality and continuous improvement, AUD introduces a certificate program based on the success now evident in the implementation of the M.Ed. degree program.
In addition to coursework, the 18-credit hours Professional Teaching Certificate will establish clinical partnerships with participating schools, providing opportunities for the ongoing supervision and evaluation of teaching and requisite professional development.
Thus, AUD is wholly supportive of the government’s determination to make education and, specifically, high quality teacher preparation a high priority and we are ready to offer the professional core of a program that has gained recognition and respect throughout the education sector in Dubai.
AUD recognizes that the demand for education programs goes beyond the needs of the schools to hire qualified teachers and beyond the Government’s interest in a set standard for quality. However, teachers who are already in positions in the schools require courses to maintain their certification, or, often at the request of their current employer, obtain an official teaching certificate and seize opportunities to stay current in their profession. AUD’s Professional Teaching Certificate will meet this need. Teachers who wish to attain a higher qualification will be welcomed to continue and pursue the Master of Education.

Mission of the School
The Mission of the School of Education at AUD, through the Master of Education (M.Ed.) program is to provide the region with educators who are current in pedagogy, instructional technologies, and content knowledge and committed to ongoing professional learning for the benefit of all whom they serve. 
Goals of the School
The goals of the School of Education, through the M.Ed. program, are to ensure that our graduates
  1. Develop professional ethics and collaborative skills required to meet the needs of diverse learners in 21st learning environment;
  2. Develop specific knowledge of the latest trends in teaching methodologies and in the use of instructional technology;
  3. Develop classroom-based problem-solving abilities aimed at advancing the academic achievement of all students;
  4. Develop professional dispositions along with the knowledge and skills needed to become highly qualified effective educators and life-long learners;
  5. Understand and use a variety of instructional strategies along with multiple methods of assessment to meet the needs of all learners in meaningful ways;
  6. Meet the generally accepted international standards for teacher preparation; and,
  7. Know how to conduct research and utilize current findings to guide and inform practice.