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AIA’s mission serves as an opportunity for students, staff and faculty at the American University in Dubai to be challenged in tackling global problems while providing practical and creative solutions. They aspire to make a difference in the world by assisting communities around the world in areas such as health, education and poverty alleviation; partnering with established NGO’s to maximize effectiveness on the ground and using their own cultural diversity and experience.

In that regard, by focusing on the current educational level and promoting ways to enhance learning standards among youth and women, the AIA committed to provide educational and cultural assistance for 7 villages in North West Province of Cameroon. The Club established partnerships with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for this project, including LUKMEF and PCDI.
AUD Students Live Amongst People of CameroonAUD Students Live Amongst People of Cameroon
Despite not being able to accommodate all needs and requests, they assisted people in four communities in several ways.

AUD Students Live Amongst People of CameroonIn Bambalang, they donated a wheelbarrow, pump and wrench to women’s farming and business cooperatives, and funds for student chairs and a teacher’s desk and chair at a local school, and divided a wheelbarrow, supplies of wheat and egussi seeds, 20 liters of palm oil, packets of twine, hoes, and a new fishing net among several small businesses owners.
In Mbissa Island, they donated 50 sheets of zinc for a nearly completely destroyed school and a wheelbarrow to a farming cooperative, while in Bamessing, they purchased an irrigation pump and associated tubes and offered it to the Developmental Female Farming Group.
In Ndop- Bamunka, the volunteers bought school supplies and donated over 60 000 CFA to two schools, and raised funds for a small rabbit raising business.

This might not seem as much to some, but for the people of Bamunka, Cameroon, those donations have had a tremendous impact on their lives. This trip was planned after the AIA worked with Partners for Community Development Initiative (PCDI) Cameroon in Ndop-Bamunka, in autumn 2008, and raised $4700 to fund the Teacher Training Seminars PCDI had been conducting at the Ndop office.
AUD Students Live Amongst People of CameroonAUD Students Live Amongst People of Cameroon