• *** Administration office hours are 8am - 5pm
  • *** AUD ID cards for new students will be available in the Registrar’s Office starting Sunday, September 17, 2017
  • *** Fall 2017 semester starts September 04, 2017 and ends December 21, 2017
Visiting Students
The Study Abroad Program (SAP) is intended for visiting students who are currently enrolled in degree programs at other colleges or universities around the world, but who wish to attend AUD for one or more semesters. The purpose of completing this AUD course work is to provide students with an international component to their formal education while fulfilling academic requirements that will transfer credit back to their home institution.

Visiting student applicants must:
  • Complete a Study Abroad Program Application for Admission and submit a non-refundable application fee. Please click here to download the application form.
  • Seek academic advice and approval at their home institution to determine those AUD courses which are transferable.
    • To learn about the application process, click here
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    • To learn about the William J. Clinton Scholarship Program, click here

AUD Students on Study Abroad semester
For AUD undergraduate students wishing to study abroad at partner schools or a non-partner schools (as per the below list and beyond) please contact our External Affairs Office for further assistance at
Besides the Exchange Programs, students have the option to choose from a wide variety of world recognized universities and attend on a fee paying basis directly with those universities through the guidance of our admissions office, and below are a few partners, but not exclusive, of our Study Abroad opportunities, including Summer Schools:
  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (FSFM) (Frankfurt, Germany) -
  • Texas Tech University (TTU) (Texas, United States) -
  • Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM) (Madrid, Spain) -
  • Washington and Lee University (WLU) (Washington, United States) -
Summer Schools
To avail themselves of such opportunities, students must apply through the Admissions Office.

Students wishing to spend a term (i.e., semester or summer session[s]) abroad at one of the universities listed above may seek authorization to do so with the intention of transferring up to 15 credit semester hours or equivalent. If a student wishes to study abroad with other universities (subject to AUD approval), they also are allowed to transfer up to 15 credit semester hours or equivalent. Students should familiarize themselves with AUD’s Transfer Credit Policy