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Just how hot is it? 
The temperature in Dubai today (April 15th) is expected to be 33C (91F) dropping to 27 C (81F) tonight. By May last year, temperatures had risen to 100F during the day dropping to 84 at night. Temperatures continue to rise as the summer progresses. The humidity also rises.
It’s cold inside! While you might expect Dubai to be hot now, most study abroad students have been surprised by how cold it can be inside buildings and malls here. Former study abroad students suggest packing a sweater, sweatshirt, shawl or the like.
What kind of clothes do I need? 
The clothes you would wear at home will probably be the clothes you wear here – with one important consideration: the UAE is an Islamic state. Modesty in dress is appropriate. Clothing that is too short, too revealing, too skimpy is offensive to many people. What you might wear to a nightspot frequented by expats would not be appropriate when on the streets or in the souk. Study Abroad students have expressed surprise at how much attention is given by their fellow students to what they wear. Dubai is a very upscale culture and that is reflected on campus.
Some Study Abroad students have found they will be meeting a businessman or attending a business-oriented event and need to dress appropriately.
There are, of course, a wide variety of up-scale restaurants and night spots. Attire would be similar to what you would wear at home.
Are there shops nearby? 
The Student Center building on campus includes a cafeteria, food court, bank, gym, beauty shop, barber shop, and a minimart (Uni-mart) that sells soda, bread, snacks, limited grocery items and items such as shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
There are also many food outlets around the campus as AUD is located between Media City and Internet City. There are also convenience stores in two of the office buildings across from campus.
There are two malls reasonably close to the campus – about a 15 minute taxi ride away. The Mall of the Emirates is one direction and the Ibn Battuta Mall is the other direction. Each of them has a large grocery/houseware. A taxi to either mall will cost about AED 20 (roughly US$5.50).
How do I get where I want to go? 
Taxis are usually what students have used to get around.
There is public bus service to Ibn Battuta Mall and into town. Bus timings can be a challenge and waiting in the summer heat is bothersome. The cost, however, is reasonable (perhaps 3dirhams to Bur Dubai, roughly 80 cents).
AUD has a bus for dorm students, which goes between the campus, the Mall of the Emirates and Ibn Battuta Mall. There is no charge.
How do I get from the airport to AUD? 
The taxi stand/queue is right near where you exit the arrivals hall at the airport, slightly to the right. There is no charge for baggage carts at the airport.
Taxi service from the airport to AUD is about AED 75 (roughly US$20). Taxi drivers should know where the campus is. If not, tell them “AUD is on Sheikh Zayed Road, Exit 32, opposite Emirates Golf Course, next to Media City”. When you take Exit 32, stay to the far right and you will see the AUD parking lot entrance ahead on your right. Click here to download the AUD Location Map.
Turn in and drive between the two AUD parking lots. Go to the entrance gate on the right as you face the University.
What should I expect when I first arrive at AUD? 
The taxi should take you to the main gate. Tell the AUD Security Guard you are a Study Abroad student and need to go to the dorms. He will direct the taxi driver to the appropriate entrance. The Security Guard at that entrance will show you where the dorms are located. At the entrance to the dorms there will be a Check In Sheet. Your name will be on it. Security there will contact the Dorm Controller who will show you to your room.
What about getting dirhams when I first arrive? 
You can change money at the airport. Immediately after exiting Customs (and before the taxi queue) there is a row with car rental agents, money changers, etc.
There are ATMs on campus. They accepts US Plus cards, charge your account in Dollars and dispenses Dirhams. It is a good idea to advise your bank that you will be in the United Arab Emirates if you plan to use your US ATM card here. Occasionally a student or visitor has a problem because their bank was not properly informed.
What will I find in the dorm? 
Be sure to check the dorm information so that you know what to expect, especially if you are arriving late at night. Click here to view information on AUD Housing.
The rooms contain 2 beds, desks with chairs, bedside tables, wardrobes, and an en suite bathroom. The rooms have internet connections. Sheets, towels, pillows and the like can easily be purchased for a reasonable amount at either Carrefour Hypermarket (Mall of the Emirates) or Geant Hypermarket (Ibn Battuta Mall). The Uni-mart on campus also has some of these items; it closes at midnight and is not open on Fridays until after midday.
If you have questions about the dorms, e-mail Ms. Raya Al Barazi, the Housing Manager,
Visa Requirements 
Students who are accepted and enrolled on a full time basis can be sponsored by the university and will be issued a Student Residence Visa valid for one year. Students should request for the visa by contacting one of the representatives in the Admissions Office.
Charges include: Visa (AED 1,000) along with a refundable (AED 2,000) must be given as a Passport Security Deposit. A colored photocopy of the passport with validity page and 1 photo are required with the visa application. Once the visa is issued, students should do a Blood Test (350 AED) before the visa process is finalized and added to the student’s passport. Students under the age of 18 will be exempted from doing the blood test.
Extra charges will be added for students already in the UAE once the visa is requested and processed (a copy of current visa is required).
More questions? 
For further information on pre-departure kits, orientation, your time at AUD, etc... just drop us an email: externalrelations@aud.ed