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Multinational Business Strategies & Globalization 
There has been a significant shift in the global economy, with the relative decline of the US and Europe, and the rise of many emerging economies, particularly Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC). While remaining a relatively small part of the global economy the Gulf economies have grown at rates above the world average. These global changes have given rise to challenges, but also to significant opportunities. In order for an economy to adjust to these new global realities, and for companies to be globally competitive, corporate strategies must change quickly and decisively. What is critically important in these strategies is the mitigation of what is called the "liability of foreignness" particularly when corporations from Middle Eastern countries enter Western markets. With the appropriate global strategies, the opportunities are immense. This session will review the global changes in the world economy and identify optimal multinational business strategies for companies operating in the Gulf /MENA region.

Integrative Thinking
Our models of the world – of ourselves, of others, of how the world works – dramatically shape our experiences in the world. Our thinking frames our actions, which influences our outcomes. Put another way, our models of leadership determine, at least in part, the kind of leader we will be.
In this session, we will ask how we can use the tension between opposing models – different views of the world – to create better answers. When faced with clear either-or alternatives – between ideas, perspectives or people – how might we do something other than to simply evaluate and choose?
We will explore the concept of integrative thinking, discuss some of the key leadership tensions we face and together formulate ideas to create new, integrative solutions.

Emotional Intelligence
This session introduces Emotional Intelligence as an essential skill for effective performance and career success. It explores what Emotional Intelligence is, provides evidence for how it is helping individuals, teams and organizations excel, and presents a model for learning and development of the essential emotional intelligence competencies. A personal assessment will provide insight on personal competencies and areas for growth that will support the participants in achieving their career goals.

Emancipatory Leadership
There is enormous buzz about twenty-first century leadership competencies that reflect the evolving nature of both the corporate culture as well as the disparate expectations of stakeholders that organizations have to effectively navigate.  One such key leadership competency is navigating differences defined by facets of identify such as gender, race, culture, religion, levels of ability as well as disparate ways of learning, creating new ideas and formulating new worldviews.  This session will examine approaches to dealing with differences and how to create an organizational culture in which every kind of talent can find meaningful engagement.

Strategic Negotiations
Negotiation is the art and craft by which decisions are made, agreements reached and disputes resolved between two or more parties. While analytical skills are certainly helpful in negotiation, people often require a broad array of decision-making and interpersonal skills to ensure a successful resolution. This session will help participants identify, implement, and sharpen their negotiation skills, resulting in a more comfortable and confident negotiation process. By having this skill set participants will not only influence success, but also create value in their organizations.  The session will include the fundamentals, a variety of strategies on how to negotiate effectively and have participants will have the opportunity to put them to use in class demonstrations and a negotiation exercise.

Leading in Times of Change
This session looks at the work leaders do with a new lens. While leadership is in part about bringing groups and individuals together to achieve more, the more complex task leader’s face is in helping navigate stakeholders through times of change and uncertainty.  This session introduces you to leadership as a thoughtful process.  You will come away with a new way to think about your leadership style, and what you can do to become a more effective leader.

Building and Leveraging Strategic Networks
Professional networks are a critical source of power, influence, and career success. Women, however, are faced with unique challenges as they develop their networks of professional relationships. We will gain a thorough understanding of where professional relationships come from, and why men’s and women’s networks are systematically different. With this newly gained insight, we will formulate practical strategies to manage more effectively the specific networking constraints women face.

Guest Speakers, Site-visits and Networking Event(s)
Participants will have the opportunity to interact and learn from peers and women business leaders as well as expand their networks.  Company site visits will be determined based on participant profile and industries.