AUD only university outside of North America to receive CIDA independent accreditation
The interior design program leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts has been accredited by the Council

The interior design program offered by the American University in Dubai (AUD) and leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts has been accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).  AUD is the only university outside of North America to receive CIDA independent accreditation. CIDA is an independent, non-profit accrediting organization for interior design education programs, based in the United States.
The program met the Council for Interior Design Accreditation’s Professional Standards and has been awarded accreditation for a term of six years, effective April 2016. According to the official announcement, the Accreditation Commission is pleased to recognize this achievement.
“This is institutionally important news as no university outside of North America has independent CIDA accreditation,” comments Dr. Lance de Masi, President of AUD. “The history has been conducive, but it is the Department we have today that actually wrote and submitted the self-study and was the object of the review. No matter how many others of us may have served as facilitators, the real protagonists here are the discipline specialists. Even the student work that was scrutinized would not have been showable were it not for the faculty.”
The official CIDA announcement explains that achieving accreditation is a strong signal of a program’s commitment to delivering a quality professional-level education that prepares students for entry-level interior design practice. Programs seeking CIDA accreditation voluntarily place themselves before the scrutiny of the interior design profession by participating in a rigorous peer review process. This process requires interior design programs to conduct a thorough self-evaluation of compliance with CIDA Professional Standards and report results to CIDA. The program must also organize an extensive display of student work for CIDA’s review and host a three-member team of CIDA peer evaluators for an on-site assessment of compliance with CIDA Professional Standards. A report of the findings from this on-site evaluation as well as follow-up dialogue with the program forms the basis for a final decision on accreditation by CIDA’s Accreditation Commission.
The accreditation process[1]
The Accreditation Commission’s decision was based on the interior design program’s demonstrated achievement of sixteen accreditation standards, which are evaluated within the context and overarching purpose and intent of the program.
CIDA accreditation standards broadly address the evolving components of graduate preparation for interior design practice, including (1) critical thinking, professional values, and processes that provide the framework of interior design practice, and (2) core design and technical knowledge that provide the historical, theoretical, and technical contents of interior design practice.
CIDA accreditation standards also address the institutional systems, structures, and resources that are fundamental to providing an effective higher education learning environment for interior design. Award of CIDA accreditation attests to the quality of the interior design program and benefits the public and program in many ways. Parents, students, and employers of graduates can be assured that the program meets the rigor of peer review and develops the skills and knowledge required to practice interior design. Furthermore, the accreditation process provides the program with valuable input for continued development and assists the program in adapting to meet evolving professional requirements as CIDA updates standards.