AUD’s PACE Workshops Program
Preparation for Application and Career Exploration workshops for high school students
A high school student’s first major life decision is choosing a program to enroll in at university. It is a decision which will affect the rest of their lives. However, as important as the decision may be, most of the time it is based on mere word-of-mouth, peer/family pressure or erroneous perceptions.
To assist the next generation of university seekers, the Admissions team at AUD is organizing a set of workshops for high school students to prepare them for the university application process and to assist them in taking more informed decisions regarding their choice of program.
The Program is called PACE, PA for Preparation for Application, and CE for Career Exploration.
The PA - Preparation for Application workshops have been designed and will be delivered by professionals in the field, and they include sessions on TOEFL and SAT preparation, as well as Math tutorials, and a special session on study skills needed to succeed in university.
The engaging and interactive CE – Career Exploration workshops have been carefully designed and tailored to offer a snapshot of different programs. Students will experience hands-on what it would be like to study their program of choice, spend time living the university life, and more importantly interact with professors to ask as many questions as they want.

Dates and Details
AUD will be offering these workshops free of charge every Saturday during February, March and April 2017. Students will have the option to register for multiple workshops.

For more information and for the schedule, please click here or below.