Visual Cultures Forum - Qhapaq Ñan
A presentation about the UNESCO designated Mankind Heritage Site

H.E. Mr. Carlos Tavera, Consul General of Peru in Dubai inaugurated a photo exhibition about Peru at AUD, in the presence of Dr. Jihad Nader, AUD Provost and Dr. Woodman Taylor, Chair of the Department of Visual Communication.
After the screening of a film on the Peruvian customs, traditions, folk dances, costumes and food, Consul Tavera presented Qhapaq Ñan, recently designated as a UNESCO Mankind Heritage Site and added to the World Heritage List. One of the greatest transportation systems developed in the pre-modern world is the Qhapaq Ñan network of roads built by the Inca. Over 30,000 kilometers of constructed pathways, bridges and even tunnels connected disparate areas of the Incan Empire that now cover six South American countries, with the majority being in Peru. 
AUD Provost Dr. Jihad Nader commented during the opening on the importance of understanding different cultures and learning about ancient civilizations, “it is one of AUD’s goals to foster an appreciation of the history and on-going development of Human culture in our students as it plays a great role in their whole-person education.”
During his presentation, Consul Tavera noted that the number of tourists from the UAE who had visited Peru last year totaled about one thousand five hundred. He also praised the university on the efforts made to familiarize students with Peru’s civilization, nature and the culture of its multi-ethnic people.
The exhibition includes photographs of Peru’s nature and tourist areas in addition to historic maps as well as photographs of the Qhapaq Ñan network that connects to monumental sites such as Machu Picchu.
Photo Exhibition at the Rotunda Gallery in AUD from January 18 to February 4, 2017.