AUD Students launch independent blog
Quicky, a voice for the Arab youth in the world today

Yassmin Yasser, a second year student studying at AUD’s Mohammad Bin Rashid School for Communication launched now widely talked blog Quiky back in October 2016. She has engaged a group of over a dozen young journalists to come together and write open content, whilst she manages and supervises content posted on the blog. 
Quiky publishes various content, ranging from cultural, social and world issues through forms of articles. Also, adding to the elements of the blog, Yasmin took on the risk and decided to recently open a column regarding film and drama. As she feels it would help students by “enhancing ones creativity and create awareness of current social issues.” 
Yasmin comments, “it is essential for students to learn and grasp different concepts and traits from various cultures and backgrounds as it enhances one’s ability to perceive the world differently.” With an open-minded approach, Quiky blog is quickly becoming the centre of much talk amongst faculty members and students across the region.  
Quiky aspired to be an open blog in which publishers have the freedom to write about any subject, it is an opportunity for students to not only practice their journalistic skills but also to create a voice for the Arab youth in the world today. 
Read the blog here.