Ciclo de Cine Hispánico at AUD - Argentina
Third edition of the film series in collaboration with the Embassy of Argentina in the UAE

The School of Arts and Sciences at the American University in Dubai (AUD) organized the third edition of the film series entitled Ciclo de Cine Hispánico – Hispanic Cinema Series, in collaboration with the Embassy of Argentina in the UAE. 

The movie projected was Argentinian film La Ballena Va Llena (the Whale is Full, 2014), by Daniel Santoro, Juan Capurro, Pedro Roth, Tata Cedrón y Marcelo Céspedes.
The most important project of the collective art group Estrella del Oriente points at two problems at the same time: the poor living standards in peripheral countries and the lack of artistic renewal in the hegemonic ones. An enormous ship in the form of a whale would take thousands of volunteers from the Third World and, in the trip from the margins to the center, transform them into human works of art to be showcased at the major museums around the world. This movie tells how this “whale” was never built. But even if it doesn’t swim, the “whale” gets off in this film that with malice, vitality and unceasing sense of humor tells other trip, a less righteous one: the trip of the funds, subsidies and scholarships that go from the center to the periphery and that remain insufficiently generous in their perception of the possibilities of art to change reality.[1]
View the trailer here.
Held for the first time in the UAE by a university back in March 2016, the Hispanic Cinema Series aims to ultimately promote the Spanish language.
Long recognized for its cultural significance, the Spanish language continues to grow in importance in the design and business communities. The language is taught at AUD, part of several programs including Communication and Information Studies, and International Studies. “There is no better way to learn about another culture and improve one’s foreign language skills than by viewing movies,” explains AUD’s Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. Dr. Ioannis Ramos.
After a short introduction by Dr. Ramos, Mr. Tomas Hood, from the Trade & Investment Department of the Embassy of Argentina presented the film, and lead an in-depth discussion afterwards.
The Hispanic Cinema Series is open to the AUD Community.