Michael Rice exhibits at Dubai Design Days
Ceramics Exhibition from March 14-17, 2017

Michael Rice is an Irish Designer, Artist, and Maker who specializes in ceramics and more recently glass. He is particularly interested in Terra Sigillata and firing procedures such as Raku, Smoke and Saggar firing and his work is concerned with surface, tessellation, natural geometry and virtuosity.
His pieces are difficult to date to a specific culture or place, resonating with a genesis beyond the constructed and manufactured. Exhibiting an aesthetic that is visually striking yet with a familiarity of form and application that makes the most of the least materials.
The finishes are straightforward yet complex creating a dialectic that transcends simple visual appearance, redefining iconic or ceremonial territory. This complemented with the gestalt of the works creates a synthesis, gracing them with an archetypal presence.
The nuanced subtly of optimized simplicity and materiality leads to a contemplative understanding, acceptance and precognitive agreement with the finished works.
Michael is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics based in Geneva and as a writer publishes regular articles in the international magazine of Art and Craft ‘Ceramic Review’, several of which are now in the annals of the British Library.
In 2016 he was a prizewinner in the Van Cleef and Arples Middle East Emergent Designer Award at Design Days Dubai, was named as the International Academy of Ceramics UNESCO representative for the UAE and exhibited his work as a finalist in the Taiwan Ceramic Biennale in Taipei, World Design Capital 2016.
Michael is an Associate Professor of Studio Art in the Visual Communication Department of the American University in Dubai.[1]
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