Reading Across Campus Nominations
For common reading text 2017-2018

The Reading Across Campus Program Committee invites the AUD Community to nominate the common reading book for 2017-2018.
Next year’s common reading will be selected from the list of nominated books, so please share what you are interested in reading. The Committee hopes to have many titles to choose from, so please feel free to nominate more than one text.
Nomination Procedure
Please fill out the nomination form and return it to on or before Thursday, February 16, 2017.
Nomination Criteria 
  1. Accessibility: Recommended books should be something that readers of all levels can read and comprehend on their own. Things to consider may include length, style of writing, clarity in structure or story, timeliness, etc.
  2. Rigor & Challenge: While the book should be accessible, it should also have enough depth to serve as a touchstone for a year of discussion and dialogue on the issues and concepts it presents.
  3. Cross Disciplinary: Recommended books should speak to more than one aspect of the university, and should enjoy broad campus support. It should not be intimidating or overly complicated to those who teach, work, or study outside of the book’s core discipline.
  4. Value-Oriented: The book should lend itself to the values AUD upholds, particularly whole person education, diversity, and tolerance.
  5. Relevance: Recommendations should be relevant to our current world issues and experiences within the global community, as well as to our experiences as a campus community.
The AUD Reading Across Campus Program seeks to engage the university community in an ongoing, intellectually stimulating dialogue centered on a book that the entire campus is invited to read.
Periodic events related to the common reading are held throughout the year, and all members of the campus community—faculty, staff, and students—are encouraged to find creative ways to integrate the book’s central themes into relevant course content and other areas of campus life.
This is an exciting opportunity to develop a stronger sense of community and intellectual engagement across campus, as well as to further distinguish AUD as a leading innovator among educational institutions in the Gulf Region and beyond.