AUD School Sports Challenge 2017
Offers Athletic Scholarship to Champion St. Mary’s Catholic School Dubai

AUD organized its sixth annual School Sports Challenge (AUDSSC) day held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation and President of the UAE National Olympic Committee, and sponsored by Choueiri Group this past weekend. The multisport festival took place on Friday, February 17, 2017, featuring boys’ and girls’ school teams and individual athletes from 20 different high schools across the UAE, who competed in Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Cross Country and Tug of War. 
St. Mary’s Catholic School Dubai took home the Athletic Scholarship offered by AUD. “We believe in rewarding excellence and encourage our students and our communities to strive to achieve it. The scholarship is awarded to a student who has demonstrated excellent athletic skills, good sportsmanship all the while maintaining good academic standing. We look forward to welcoming new students on our campus to further cultivate their skills, athletically and academically,” explained Carol Maalouf, AUD Directors of Admissions.
Encouraging interaction amongst students from various schools, backgrounds and communities is the main objective of this sports day. “The AUD School Sports Challenge has grown year on year to become one of the leading sports events for school students across the UAE. Students and coaches alike are always excited to experience the university campus and make use of the top notch facilities,” commented Miso Pancetovic, AUD Athletics Director.
The schools who participated in the 6th Annual AUD School Sports Challenge were: Al Mawakeb School - Al Barsha and Al Garhoud, American School of Dubai, Dubai International Academy (DIA), GEMS Al Khaleej National School – Dubai, International School of Choueifat - Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Dubai Investments Park, Khalifa City, Ras Al Khaima, Ruwais, Sharjah, ISAS - International School of Arts and Sciences, Lycée Libanais Francophone Privé, Manor Hall International School, Nibras International School, Philadelphia Private School Dubai, Sharjah American International School – Sharjah and Dubai, St. Mary’s Catholic School Dubai, and The Universal American School.
The 2017 AUD SSC was coordinated in partnership with High Five Events - organizers of the annual Dubai Corporate Games, and was generously sponsored by Choueiri Group as its Title Sponsor, and American Hospital, Coca Cola/Arwa Water, Interactive Insurance broker, Planet Tours, KLM, Abela Catering, VIP Security, and the IFFCO/ London Dairy as its support sponsors.
AUD is grateful to all the sponsors for their support in helping transform this event into a successful annual day of sportsmanship. “We certainly look forward to tying up with these sponsors, yet again, in our forthcoming events and activities,” ends Pancetovic.

Winners of each category were as follows
Swimming Boys – 50m freestyle
Swimming Girls - 50m freestyle
1 – Mostafa Helaly – Choueifat Dubai
1 – Sarah Abdo – Mawaked Barsha
2 – Ibrahim Alatrash - Philadelphia
2 – Habiba Said – Choueifat Sharjah
3 – Rajab Beydoun – Mawaked Garhoud
3 – Denise Delgado – Choueifat Al Ain
Swimming Boys - Backstroke
Swimming Girls - Backstroke
1 – Mansour Mylat – Choueifat Abu Dhabi
1 – Sarah Abdo – Mawakeb Barsha
2 – Mostafa Helaly – Choueifat Dubai
2 – Sana Ibrahim – Choueifat Abu Dhabi
3 – Rufat Akhmatov – Choueifat Dubai
3 – Denise Delgado – Choueifat Al Ain
Swimming Boys - Butterfly
Swimming Girls - Butterfly
1 – Ibrahim Alatrash - Philadelphia
1 - Sarah Abdo – Mawakeb Barsha
2 - Mostafa Helaly – Choueifat Dubai
2 – Natalya Linchenko – Choueifat Sharjah
3 - Rajab Beydoun – Mawaked Garhoud
3 – Roudina Katar – Choueifat Dubai
Swimming Boys – Breaststroke
Swimming Girls - Breaststroke
1 - Rajab Beydoun – Mawaked Garhoud
1 - Sarah Abdo – Mawakeb Barsha
2 – Mostafa Helaly – Choueifat Dubai
2 – Natalya Linchenko – Choueifat Sharjah
3 – Kareem El Shantally – Choueifat Dubai
3 – Roudina Katar – Choueifat Dubai
Running - 100m Boys
Running - 100m Girls
1 – Abdulhamid Nemri
1 – Shreya Bhatia
2 -  Ahmad Al Saadi
2 – Nada Hassan
3 – Affan ahmad
3 – Hana Ahmed
Running - 800m Boys
Running - 800m Girls
1 – Rami Said
1 – Pheobe Kitur
2 – Mahmoud Madi
2 – Hana Ahmed
3 – Ali Tahir
3 – Lisa Dennis
Volleyball Boys
Volleyball Girls
1 – St. Mary’s Catholic School
1 – Mawakeb Gahoud
2 – ISAS
2 – Mawaked Barsha
3 – Choueifat RAK
3 - Choueifat Dubai
Soccer Boys
Soccer Girls
1 – SAIS Sharjah
1 – St. Mary’s Catholic School
2 – Choueifat Ruwais
2 – ISAS
3 – Shoueifat Sharjah
3 – Mawakeb Garhoud
Basketball Boys
Basketball Girls
1 – Choueifat Dubai
1 – Choueifat Abu Dhabi
2 – Mawaked Garhoud
2 – SAIS Dubai
3 – Choueifat Khalifa
3 – St. Mary’s Catholic School
Mixed Relay Running
1 – Choueifat Al Ain
1 – Choueifat Sharjah
2 – Mawakeb Barsha
2 – Choueifat Al Ain
3 – Choueifat Dubai
Mixed Relay Swimming
1 – Choueifat Sharjah
2 – Choueifat Dubai
3 – Choueifat Al Ain