A Talk with Khalid Al Ameri at AUD
On passion and hard work

The AUD School of Business Administration hosted famous Social Columnist, Motivational Speaker, and Youth Coach Khalid Al Ameri for a talk on helping people follow their dreams, better their lives, and shape their careers.
Al Ameri candidly shared his life story with the students, stressing that "no one talks about how hard it is to succeed and the sacrifices it takes, but I am proud of my achievements today!”
He explained to the students that nothing was a given, “when I graduated, I sat next to the phone waiting for employers to call me. That did not work out well! Get out there, get internships, get passionate, make the effort and take that extra step to differentiate yourself. It will pay off.”
When asked how long one needed to concentrate on their career before pursuing their dream, Al Ameri was resolute that the two should not be mutually exclusive; “find your passion and do everything in your power to pursue it and succeed at it! Don't settle for a job you don't love."
Al Ameri finally advised the students to stay informed, to volunteer and help in causes close to their hearts, and above all to do everything with passion.
Hi! My name is Khalid Al Ameri. I’m a social columnist for The Gulf Today newspaper, a motivational speaker, and a youth coach.
My experiences have included sailing on ships to Japan, working on global investments in the United Arab Emirates, and completing an MBA at Stanford University. With each experience, good or bad, making me think of the world around me a little differently, and appreciate the power we all have to shape our lives.
The articles you will see on this site are about lessons I’ve learned on how to live a better life, manage relationships, and do the work I love. The lessons usually come from mistakes and improvements I’ve made throughout my life; it’s been fun ride.
I love helping people follow their dreams, better their lives, and shape their careers, not because I know any better than them, but because I’m on that journey too. So, by sharing my moments of success and failure, I‘m simply saying here is how I’m doing things, and maybe they can help you.
My work includes one on one support with individuals, as well as broader workshops for groups, so if you want me to visit you or your organization please feel free to reach out on the contact page, and if you knew me before this site I am always just a tweet away.