Provost on Doing Business in The Middle East
Speaks at Omnium Global EMBA Dubai Module

As a Rotman School of Management Affiliate Institution, AUD welcomed The Omnium Global Executive MBA Program, who is holding one of its six international modules on campus for the next week and for the third year since the agreement was signed between the two institutions.
Dr. Jihad S. Nader, AUD Provost, himself a graduate and former faculty member of the University of Toronto, commented: “It was a pleasure for me to speak at the opening session of the Omnium Module at AUD, to welcome the participants to Dubai, and provide perspectives on the business, economic, cultural and geopolitical environment in the UAE and the Middle East region. I was highly impressed with the participants’ vast and diverse expertise and enjoyed interacting with them.”
Dr. Nader provided the attendees with some guidelines and tips on doing business in the Middle East, going over the different cultures and ways of life in the region, as well as an overview of its history.
Dr. Nader advised the EMBA students to develop geopolitical awareness and sensitivity, avoiding stereotypes as there are widely different levels of economic and social development. He also commented that the region had huge growth prospects as the populations are young.
He concluded with an economic overview of Dubai and the UAE, going over the different incentives for doing business in the UAE as well as the challenges.
The Omnium Global Executive MBA program is an 18-month international learning experience, which immerses business executives from around the world in core business disciplines that are taught from a global perspective. Omnium students meet for two-week teaching modules and project work in North America, South America, East Asia, Europe, South Asia and the Middle East.