AUD celebrates National Sports Day
Organizes several friendly sports games

Upon directives of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, the American University in Dubai organized a series of sports games in celebration of the UAE’s National Sports Day, themed “UAE Unites Us”.
This is a sports day of a national nature, involving sports, recreational, promotional, communal, educational and competitive activities, which epitomize the cohesion of community segments and reflect the intimacy, harmony and positive interaction among multi cultures living peacefully and happily in the UAE.
The Athletics Division at AUD, headed by Mr. Miso Pancetovic planned basketball, volleyball and soccer matches on campus and in the AUD Knights Arena. “We are proud to celebrate this great day at AUD. Our campus embodies diversity with over 100 nationalities on campus.”

About the National Sports Day
The UAE’s National Sports Day features a wide variety of sporting, leisurely, recreational, communal and educational activities and competitions. Each emirate is organising a sporting event on the day reflecting the cohesion between all the segments of society, and the harmony that marks its unique social fabric, which weaves together a wide-ranging diversity of energies, ideas and cultures, all channelled towards positive and constructive interaction in a way that best showcases the beautiful social landscape in the UAE, offering the world a unique model of a strong and solid national identity, and of a country that brings people together, people from over 200 nationalities that have made the UAE their home, and constantly strives to create positive energy for all those who live in this bountiful land.