Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Regional Director of Microsoft: Dubai incubates expertise and talent
“The graduates of the American University in Dubai, working in both private and public sectors, have proven their pioneering leadership and their ability to establish new companies at a young age. Graduates with different degrees are currently leading successful organizations.”
The above quote is by Dr. Mohammed Abu Ali, Dean of the School of Business Administration — a part of his speech at the opening of the Business and Innovation Pioneer conference, organized by AUD, in the presence of numerous specialists, CEOs, as well as members of school faculty and students.
According to him, AUD focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation, and accepts ideas from businessmen and other qualified professionals in the community regarding the planned establishment of an Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree, which will focus on practical implementations and on helping the students start their own private businesses.
Dr. Zaki Khoury, Regional Director of Microsoft, also gave a speech, asserting that Dubai is a big incubator for expertise and talents, as it is open to all markets. He says it is up to business leaders to take advantage of this by creating opportunities instead of waiting for them.
He also highlighted the importance of determining goals first before working to achieve them. He said there will be both failure and learning, and emphasized that leadership requires knowledge, responsibility is an ongoing process, and knowledge alone is not enough.
In his speech, Mr. Nader Nakib, CEO of G — a social and environmental responsibility company — encouraged the students not only to go after their dreams to make them a reality, and to believe in themselves and in their abilities.
Mr. Muneer Boughanem, Head of Environmental Policy and Planning Department, Abu Dhabi Environmental Agency, spoke about the importance of innovation and the establishment of organizations in achieving economic growth and making use of environmental policies as an investment opportunity. He also confirmed the existence of important investment prospects for companies and individuals. He pointed out that the UAE has adopted a Green Development Strategy and established guidelines for growth which enhance the competitiveness of the economy in general.
CEO of ‎Tanmyah Consultancies, Mr. Fahad Khalaf, spoke of the importance of business innovation and entrepreneurship to both the individual and the society, and pointed out that failure is a part of the journey to success.
Aziza Osman, Board Member of Jusoor, talked about the three key success factors in establishing any project: awareness, interaction and curiosity. She explains that awareness is in setting a goal and putting together a plan to achieve it; interaction means that one should not be a victim of any situation; and curiosity means making the utmost use of available success resources, such as technology, people, experience and knowledge.
The two discussion sessions of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship conference empowered students to grasp invaluable lessons from specialists and entrepreneurs.