Visual Cultures Forum - Magda Jentgen
Capturing the Unexpected, the Dystopia of Modernity

The Department of Visual Communication at AUD hosted a Visual Cultures Forum with AUD alumna Magda Jentgen for a presentation and exhibition titled: Capturing the unexpected, the dystopia of modernity.

Capturing The Unexpected: The Dystopia of Modernity is a photographic exhibition in three acts looking at the effects of technology and social media over time. It explores the present, the near, and the more distant future, if we as a society stay on our destructive path. 
The first act of the show is entitled Street Art, focusing on the present. It represents a society that is desperately trying to preserve their culture, art and tradition, only to succumb to the fact that technology has forced its way into their lives to an irreversible degree.
Act two is a visual representation of a world ravaged by apathy - tracing the human footprint in dystopia. In this world people no longer try to preserve their past or their culture. Nevertheless, it is still present in their subconscious and physically around them, found in the rubble that it has left behind.
The final act of the exhibition is the distant future. It is now a world where no memory of the past is left anywhere. In this abandoned land, deprived of the memory of a world there once was, everything crumbles away in oblivion — half-finished and incomplete. The world is motionless, stuck between larger-than-life structures that do not seem to moving forwards or backwards.
Magda Jentgen is an emerging artist from Latvia. Her work largely focuses on the relationship between people and the world around them. Since having graduated with a BFA from The American University in Dubai in 2014, she has gone on to exhibit her work in galleries such as Art Hub — Abu Dhabi, and The Courtyard Gallery — Dubai among others. She has won 3rd place in the Art Jameel Photography Award and 2nd place in the esteemed Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award.