Reading Across Campus Discussion Group

Reading Across Campus hosted the Spring semester Reading Across Campus Discussion Group, which focused on the 1986 Egyptian film The Hunger (starring Souad Hosni, Yousra, and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz), as well as this year’s common reading text: Naguib Mahfouz’s novel Heart of the Night.
The discussion, facilitated by Drs. Kristin Rozzell Murray and Micah Robbins, covered topics such as the film’s representation of class, politics, and religion, as well as Mahfouz’s influence on contemporary Egyptian culture.
The discussion followed a screening of The Hunger, which was organized by both Reading Across Campus and Cinematopia.
Watching a movie this year for Reading Across Campus felt essential, as Mahfouz's name is attached to over 50 movies,” said Dr. Murray. “The Hunger transported me into Mahfouz’s beloved back alleys of Cairo where I reacted emotionally with the characters as they struggled against poverty and corruption, and as they hungered for a better life.”
I’ve learned a lot from discussing this year’s reading with AUD’s students,” said Dr. Micah Robbins, director of the Reading Across Campus program and Assistant Professor of English. “I have been consistently impressed by the interesting insights that people share at our discussion groups. It’s so much fun to read in this community!”
Reading Across Campus will announce the 2017-2018 book before the end of the semester and is currently planning a full schedule of events for the next academic year.