Harvard College in Asia Program 2017
AUD Hosts Harvard Student Conference for the Eighth Year

AUD has partnered for the eighth year with the Harvard College in Asia Program (HCAP). In January of this year, AUD ambassadors from various nationalities joined students from premier academic institutions from Bangkok, Beijing, Cambridge, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jiangyin, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, New Delhi, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, and Tokyo along with delegates from Harvard University, to attend HCAP’s conference themed Mind, Body and Society: Global Health Challenges of the 21st Century. AUD hosted 12 Harvard delegates at AUD for 10 days as we immerse them in the theme as well as in the UAE culture through a robust program organized and executed by our students with the support of the External Relations Office and the Director of the Health Center at AUD, Nelly Halabi.
The conference opened at AUD with a roundtable discussion on USA-UAE Bilateral Relations and Intercultural Understanding led by U.S. Consul General Paul Malik. The objective of the conferences was to create a unique, global, and holistic experience that addresses the same issues with a variety of different approaches. AUD is the only university from the Middle East Region to participate in these conferences.  The conference consisted of a well-rounded interactive program aimed at challenging the delegates academically, socially and culturally. This program included lectures from professors and industry leaders/practitioners with panel discussions, as well as visits that emphasized what is learnt in the classroom, all important elements of the HCAP experience.
“Our aim is to enrich and empower our next generation of global citizens with the knowledge and tools that will help them navigate our world, which is increasingly becoming interconnected. An exchange of this nature contributes greatly to the accomplishment of AUD's agenda for promoting diversity in experience and intercultural understanding. We continue to promote what is truly at the core of our university’s mission through engagements of this kind to equip our students with the skills to become holistic citizens of the word,” said Mary Mwende, External Relations.
“With the partnership of Harvard University, the HCAP theme this year tackles key issues relevant to Health Challenges of the 21st Century.  Health challenges are an ongoing battle for mankind, always being part of our history.  Thankfully, medical improvement and research has overcome many challenges over the past years and centuries, and given us the means to control, and prevent most of the major disease threats of current and previous times. In this conference, we shared with Harvard students, AUD Community, the Industry and Health specialists, thoughts and suggestions that can lead to ideas, for a possible cause of action or solutions that could contribute to the development of helpful health systems. We came to a conclusion that participation of the public, in addition to drastic actions by governments, are essential to overcome health challenges,” commented Nelly Halabi, Health Centre Director
“My experience at HCAP was full of firsts: First time traveling alone, first time making South Korean friends and first time trying Coca-Cola glazed wings! I was overwhelmed by the diversity of the participants and the substance of our discussions. Not only did I learn about the differences that exist between us, but I also drew so many similarities when it came to Heath issues in our respective countries. Listening to respected doctors and professors made the learning experience even more fruitful. I am looking forward to welcoming the Harvard delegation in Dubai!" – Myriam Bunni
"HCAP was an unforgettable experience. In one week, we formed valuable connections with people of different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. The conference was in a way, a window to the participating countries' realities through the eyes of their youth. The program has definitely brought the team together, and allowed us the opportunity to cross paths with people who we consider to be good friends of ours!" - Aliaa Diab
“I was incredibly honored to represent the UAE and bring the issue of Mental Health in the Arab region to the conference and get familiar with other countries’ health challenges at the conference. During the conference we were fortunate to listen to enriching lectures from renowned speakers and participate in vibrant discussions with our peers. Each country's Case Study received a comprehensive set of solutions that represent the first step toward making a change and impact the issue on a greater scale.” – Sofiya Karaboikova