Dubai Without Architects
Identity. Airports. Culture. Football. Sustainability. Glocal. Containers. Conservation. Azerbaijan.

The Department of Architecture hosted Francisco Colom, architect and researcher at ibda design for a lecture titled “Dubai Without Architects”. Colom presented a series of projects that respond to a more complex and creative understanding of sustainable development. Convening the lecture was Jose Carrillo, Assistant Professor of Architecture at AUD.
Ibda Design is an international Architecture, Urban and Interior Design practice based in Dubai with collaboration offices in Beirut and Tokyo. Colom will delve into subjects including Identity, Airports, Culture, Football, Sustainability, Glocal, Containers, Conservation, Azerbaijan, Context, Wind towers,  Architecture, and Fun.
During his academic and professional career, Francisco Colom gained experience in a variety of contexts such as Alicante, Amsterdam, Baku, Sheki, Ganja or Dubai, the latter being his current place of residence. He was appointed as Honorary Professor at the University of Alicante, and as Assistant Professor at the Azerbaijan University of Architecture. He is editor at More Than Green, a project promoted by a platform of professionals and academicians that aims to become a knowledge tool on urban sustainability. He is Sustainability and Architecture Association (ASA) partner. +info:
© Picture by Reem Falaknaz, National Pavilion UAE. A sofa under the shade of palm trees in Al Maqam, Al Ain.