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Dubai Future Accelerators delegation inspires AUD students

 Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Dubai Future Accelerators delegation inspires AUD students
The School of Business Administration at AUD hosted a delegation from Dubai Future Accelerators for a panel discussion with students on innovation and entrepreneurship. Dubai Future Accelerators create unique opportunities for technology companies to gain unparalleled access to the staff, resources and expertise of Dubai’s government entities.
The delegation, headed by Managing Director Paul Smith, and Program Development Manager Karin Gabriel, included Sara Hawilo from Lebanon, Nathan Ramasarma from the US, Krishan Meetoo from the UK, and Aape Pohjavirta from Finland. The meeting was attended by some 120 students and faculty members.
The panel discussion kicked off with an informative video showcasing the services provided by Dubai Future Accelerators, followed by testimonials from the delegation members.
Dr. Assaad Farah, Associate Dean of the School of Business Administration, explained that the delegation answered students' questions about creative ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurs talked about the success of their idea and their own work, motivating students to introduce innovative ideas to the market, and teaching them how to market their ideas and turn them into reality.
Aape Pohjavirta, is the Chief Evangelist and Founder of Funzi, a mobile learning and information service for the emerging markets, and an entrepreneurship coach and lecturer in Startup Sauna, Aalto University, DTBi and other institutions. Aape sits on advisory boards of multiple research projects and technology programs.
Sarah Hawilo is the Founder of SerVme. She was originally working as a consultant and then took the leap of faith to start her own business in the field of hospitality.
Nathan Ramasarma is the Founder of ArcSecond. The company was originally working in the gaming-sector. They developed a motion-sensor and were approached by Harvard Medical School to use their device for rehabilitation.
Krishan Meetoo is the Founder of Proversity. He works with a team from around the world. His company’s mission is to close the gap between employment and education. They’ve partnered with Harvard and MIT.
Dr. Hassan Zeineddine, Chair of Management at the School of Business Administration commented that “AUD’s students are the biggest winners of these great interactions with accomplished entrepreneurs and practitioners in the field.”
Lina Abou Zaki a BBA student commented, “I found this event surprisingly interesting to not only aspiring entrepreneurs but to anybody hoping to take control of the direction of their careers and lives. The visiting entrepreneurs shared intimate experiences as well as each of their methodologies for combining continuous learning with creativity and creating their own paths towards unprecedented goals. The question and answer session was especially useful because I was able to get feedback from four individual entrepreneurs and gain insights from their varied experiences and personalities but many shared attitudes and attributes. I found their advice applicable to nurturing success in any area of life.”
Kaltham Al Hashimi, a BBA student said, “I honestly thought this workshop was going to be cheesy starring an old guy talking about the "10 Steps to Success". Surprisingly, what they said inspired the room. People who never considered being a part of a start-up or running their own business left the room with something to think about. When you glanced across the room, students were actually paying attention; that's a sight you don't see every day.”
Nazli Orazalyyeva a BBA student mentioned that “it was great to visit the entrepreneurship conference because I listened to other people's experiences and understood that nothing is impossible in this world full of competition. You can stand out and should not be scared of failure because it makes you much stronger and better. At the end of the day, you just need to know what you're good at and do it to benefit not only yourself but also the whole world, and you will be successful.”
Jihad Chaouk a BBA student said, “The entrepreneurship conference provided insight into the world of the future accelerators. The panel's discussion on their experience in leading innovation was eye-opening.”
Dr. Udo Braendle, Chair of Business and Economics said that “what made the event even more fantastic is that it was successfully moderated by one of our marketing students Ms. Karma Bou Saab.”
At the conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Farah thanked the guest delegation, stressing the importance of the meeting in motivating students towards creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.