Ruins & Other Stories
AUD Professor publishes poem
Dr. Omar Sabbagh, Assistant Professor of English at AUD and winner of the 2016 Cinnamon Press Short Story Prize; will see one of his short stories – Dye, in a collection titled Ruins and Other Stories, published by Liquorice Fish Books.
Ruins, Short Stories by Isabelle Llasera, Omar Sabbagh, Jez Noond, Bolvinder Banga et al
Seven award winning short stories from the Cinnamon Press Short Story Prize adjudicated by Adam Craig, [including Dr. Sabbagh’s Dye], plus five stories from French translator and author, Isabelle Llasera make Ruins & other Stories a stand-out anthology.
In Omar Sabbagh’s Dye the Realist tradition is transcended into a metaphorical world of philosophic debate. Charming, beguiling, vivid and very funny, the language eschews the conventional transparent prose with a rich, almost Baroque style that instantly transports the reader into a narrative that is too real to be real, where a conversation on whether or not to get your hair dyed is mirrored by a debate on the fundamental nature of our reality. Wonderfully audacious, this story turns trite ideas of writing about the human condition upside-down and presents the reader with something all too rare in contemporary media: compassionate, intelligent characters who are genuinely concerned with how we live our lives.[1]
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