Poetry in a Digital Era
AUD Professor records his poems at the university’s Digital Media studio

Dr. Omar Sabbagh, Assistant Professor of English at AUD recently worked with Associate Professor of Digital Media Brad Moody to record himself reciting 8 of his poems from his book To the Middle of Love – published back in February 2017 with Cinnamon Press.
Listen to the poems recitals on Sound Cloud by click here.
Dr. Sabbagh candidly comments on this his first experience, “Though I’d heard of ‘SoundCloud’ before, I’d never used it, let alone uploaded any of my poetic works onto it.  Now, after this truly thrilling experience with Professor Moody, I’m a digital convert and an analogue apostate!”
Prof. Moody added, “It was an honor to work with Omar, recording samples of his poetry. Omar is a natural in the studio, reciting his poetry with a rhythmic structure and feeling of movement that add another dimension to the works.”
About the book
In this fourth full collection, Omar Sabbagh's finely tuned ear is increasingly acute to the nuances of love and life, belonging and exile. His voice is distinctive, sharp, intense and the cool turn of phrase belies the daring, passion and constant push against the darkness concealed beneath the surface of every line. Honest, thoughtful and with an instinctive grasp of the human condition, To the Middle of Love is a vivid collection that startles, challenges and delights at every turn.