Importance of Managing Money
ADIB financial education program at AUD
Representatives from Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) visited AUD to deliver an interactive seminar on managing money effectively, part of their financial education program.

The program, in its sixth edition, runs from January to June 2017, with the goal to create an understanding of being responsible when it comes to managing one’s finances.
Leading the seminar was Ms. Wajiha Shamim, Youth Segment Head at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. Through interactive and engaging exercise, students enrolled in Introduction to Business classes, were exposed to what is acceptable to borrow money for and what is not and the differences in costs of borrowing. The students also learnt how to save before spending, and what to do if they get a bonus.
It is crucial to teach students how to save and grow their money for the future, as well as how to reduce and manage their debt properly,” explains ADIB’s Shamim.
Through live examples, students saw how being sensible – like cooking and eating at home, can save them thousands of Dirhams a year,” commented Assistant Dean of Business Administration Raj Kapoor, and convener of the seminar.
AUD student Namirah Ahmad comments, “The session on how to manage our finances was really helpful. It emphasized its importance and clearly indicated the convenient procedures to achieve it as well.”
All attendees received an ADIB certificate of attendance and gift bag and had the opportunity to enter a draw to win AED500 gift voucher; AUD student Samer Awada won the prize.