The King of Cereal at AUD
Students present marketing plans for promoting Nestlé Lion Cereal in the region

Nestlé Middle East teamed up for the second time with the Department of Marketing and Marketing Communications at the School of Business Administration in early February for the second time.
For this occasion, the learning assignment was to challenge students in designing and developing creative and innovative strategies to promote the Nestlé Lion Cereal.
Two classes of marketing students under Dr. Dennis Lee, Chair of Marketing and Marketing Communications, were tasked with a marketing brief by Nestlé. Students had to conduct marketing research as they applied their marketing knowledge into actual marketing plans.
Dr. Lee explains, “On March 27, the students stood in front of a Nestlé jury, comprising of various managers and executives. They had to demonstrate how to introduce the cereal as a preferred breakfast choice in the MENA region. This real-world project also helped students to enhance their presentation and communication skills.”
Our experience with the AUD students during the presentations for the recent case study was positive. Students made it difficult on the Nestlé Jury panel to select the winning group. In this exercise, we were able to identify their drive, motivation and enthusiasm which helped them succeed in their case,” commented Nisrine Bakhos, Recruitment Specialist at Nestlé.
On the presentation, Bakhos had this to say, “The proposal of some students was a good representation of their understanding and analysis of the case. For example, the winning group had an advantage over other groups in which they proposed a media plan and a calendar of activities along with their proposal. Other groups focused on visuals and others preferred to focus more on delivering a creative idea.”
She continued, “As professionals, we advise the students to be holistic in their approach and to analyze the market through research of competitive benchmarking and to have good understanding of the objective. Also, it is advisable, when briefed on Generation Z, to come back with more insights on how they want to see brands interacting with them.”
Finally, Bakhos took the opportunity to thank AUD and Professor Dennis Lee for their support and collaboration. “We hope to conduct similar events engaging with the students in the future.”
The winning group, consisting of Ahmed El Gendy, Eid Farida, Jimmy Bleibel, Mohammed Al Ghandour, and Yara Al Sabbah, was given an opportunity to interview at Nestlé for an internship this year.