Creative Meet-up – ALTV Media
On digital content creation
The Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication (MBRSC) organized a creative meet up and inspirational talk with Joe Nasr and Hussein Charafeddine from digital video channel ALTV Media, as well as Sophie Boutros - Student Services and Communication Manager at MBRSC and Director of recently launched movie Mahbas.
The first in Dubai, the creative meet up brought together the talented and passionate for digital content production, in a platform for the exchange of ideas among innovators. The meeting included panel discussions on the challenges of the e-content industry in the Arab world.
Topics that were discussed included what is creativity, steps of a good movie, and content creation. Through these creative meet-ups, the School aims at creating a positive unique environment where ideas are discussed and ALTV Media is introduced. “We hope our students walk away from these events knowing that they can train, have access to tools and create content with ALTV’s support,” comments Boutros.
Boutros candidly spoke about the fear that engulfs the first day of production, to convey the message that even the most talented and creative people are anxious at the inception of their creative work.
ALTV is a free accessible one stop hub for the Arabic-speaking online community which offers a transparent and engaging experience by producing, supporting and/or acquiring video, text and graphic content that is visually appealing, relevant, entertaining, and sharable, whether it is timeless, trending or fresh. ALTV was created to empower the community of talented content creators by taking their talent to another level: from UGC to UGCX and allowing it to be seen by a broader audience. They specialize in Social Media and Content Production.[1]