School of Business Administration Outreach Program - L’Oréal Playoffs
Tips and advice on the do’s and don’ts in assessment centers
The Student Retention and Success Office and the School of Business Administration gathered around 150 students to attend The L’Oréal Playoffs, a 2-hour event which gave students tips and advice on the do’s and don’ts in L’Oréal’s assessment centers.
Also, in form of a competition, L’Oréal handed out golden tickets for the L’Oréal Obstacle Assessment Center taking place on April 10, 2017. The golden ticket allows the students to participate in the obstacle course and upon completing the obstacle course; the students get the opportunity to do an internship with L’Oréal.
A total of 26 AUD students enrolled in the Business Administration program received that coveted golden ticket.
Dr. Assaad Farah, Associate Dean of School of Business Administration and Dr. Udo Braendle, Chair of Business and Economics believe that “this event has helped students in preparing for corporate assessment centers and provided students with a great internship opportunity.”
Raja Abdul Razzak a BBA student explained, “we were given a few products from L’Oréal that haven’t been so successful in the market in the past few years. L’Oréal had tried many alternatives and solutions to tackle the low demand in the market for these products. L’Oréal wanted to put us students to the test to find out what we would do if we were in charge at L’Oréal for these products. We were given various statistics regarding demands in different regions and consumers buying habits in these different regions. I was on a team of five people and we had to come up with an idea to tackle this situation and we did so. We came up with unique ideas that possibly could help L’Oréal to deal with this situation. The team of L’Oréal was extremely impressed with our ideas. They were so impressed with the work of my team had produced that they awarded us with the ‘Golden Ticket’ that gives us the eligibility to attend the event taking place on 10th April.”