Transforming HR from a Cost Center into a Profit Center
Power talk by Raj Kapoor at the Middle East Society for Human Resource Management workshop

Assistant Dean, School of Business Administration and Assistant Professor of Business Administration Raj Kapoor recently spoke at a workshop, held by the Middle East Society for Human Resource Management (MESHRM) for around 80 HR professionals from various industries including Banking, Tourism, Consulting, Health and Finance.
Presenting Transforming HR from a Cost Center into a Profit Center, Prof. Kapoor touched on the biggest transformational changes taking place in Human Resources Management.
HR today is a strategic function, as well as staying current and sharing best practices, being critical thinkers and solution providers, today’s HR heads have to be master strategists,” he explained. “They need to understand their organization, they are required to be business people who do HR, not HR people who know business.”
According to Kapoor, the HR department in any corporation needs to ensure that all people in the organization understand the key things that matter. “If we do that, we have a chance of proving that HR is profit enhancing. The use of data and analytics is crucial in doing so.”
He explained that at Google all people decisions are based on data and analytics. “They apply the same level of rigor, analysis and experimentation to decisions concerning people as they do to the tech side.
Kapoor concluded by touching on the subject of inclusivity, commenting that a major challenge for today’s employer is how to address the generation gap. Specifically, millennials do not work the same way as generation X. “HR should be doing all it can for people to be their best selves, people need to be able to bring their whole selves to work. For that, we need to create an atmosphere of trust and recognize employees have different needs.
Feedback on Prof. Kapoor’s presentation was very positive.
  • “I really enjoyed your presentation tonight at MESHRM” – Judy Diane Prince; Head of Human Resources – Royal Bank of Scotland
  • “It was pleasure to listen you last evening at MESHRM event” - Muhammad Adnan Sohail, Regional Manager (GCC) - Bradfield Group
  • “Nice meeting and listening to you yesterday” – Shahrukh Masood, Director Human Resources at Dubai Parks & Resorts
  • “It was a great honor to have you amongst us for the MESHRM Dubai Training Workshop. The HR Professionals of various organizations received a deep insight through the various tips provided during your engrossing "HRM - Cost Center or a Profit Center" - Paolette Salcedo, Event Coordinator – MESHRM

Middle East Society for Human Resource Management (MESHRM)
With the gradual organizational transformation in the Middle east and Africa Region, which has been mainly simulated by the changes in business landscape.
It is time for HR professionals to get hold of more innovative and unorthodox Human Resource practices and tools to bring out the best in their human capital. A collaborative network at the present scenario would induce HR communities to emerge as winners and prepare for an adaptive and agile HR environment, thereby creating a buoyant and sustained business.
Such were the thoughts and spirit that led to birth of MESHRM as a knowledge sharing and collaborative platform. MESHRM intends to bring close the HR professionals from across Middle East and Africa under one umbrella. MESHRM was formed on LinkedIn year 2008 and has 2000 members and growing.[1]