Resonance of Rumi
The Ebru Paper Marbling Practice of Eda Özbekkangay
From - 17/05/2017
To - 30/05/2017
9:00 am To 6:00 pm
School of Architecture, Art and Design - Rotunda, Ground Floor
Within the world of Islam, there are many different attitudes toward the arts. For sufis, those Muslims who follow a mystical path, creating art is itself a form of religious practice. The visual and musical traditions taught and performed at the Özbekler Dargahi, a religious complex for sufis near Istanbul, embody this ideal.  In the nineteenth century, the art of paper marbling called ebru, which translates as clouds, was reintroduced to Turkey from Bukhara by sheikhs, the religious leaders, of this sufi community.  From founder Sheikh Sadik Efendi, a continuous teacher-student lineage has passed this artistic tradition down to Eda Özbekkangay.
Eda Özbekkangay graduated from the Department of Technical Drawing at Haydarpaşa School of Industrial Arts in Istanbul. In 1997, she started learning ebru from Hikmet Barutçugil, Feridun Özgören and Fuat Başar.  In 2006, she participated in the exhibition and symposium on ‘Marbling and Music: Practicing Sufism at a Turkish Tekke’ organized by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  Last year, she was instrumental in organizing exhibitions and programming for the Sixth International Ebru Conference held in Istanbul.  Eda has exhibited her work and conducted ebru workshops internationally.  Recently, she has seen and heard reverberations of the sufi master Rumi’s poetry within the designs of her ebru.

Exhibition in the Rotunda Gallery: May 17  - 30
Opening, Reception and Presentation:  Wed. May 17, 6 PM
In the presence of His Excellency Erdem Ozan, Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Dubai.
Wed. May 17, 6 PM

Workshop: May 16 – 18