AUD Admissions - Student and Parent Information Session
AUD Admissions Fall 2017 Student and Parent Information Session

The AUD Admissions Office recently held its Fall 2017 Student and Parent Information Session during which the students got the chance to witness the exciting university life and to engage with current AUD students, alumni, faculty and staff.
Admissions team members were eager to deliver details regarding the stages of the admission process, the required documentation, exams needed, class registration, and scholarship opportunities. AUD is giving Dh30, million worth of scholarships for distinguished students. Those scholarships are conceived with the objective of rewarding academic excellence and responding to financial need; as such, they will act as an incentive and reward for superior scholastic performance, as well as an economic contribution to the acquisition of an American-accredited university degree”, said Sylvie Touma, Assistant Director of Admissions – Scholarships.
“We do believe how challenging the transition from high school to university is, for both students, as well as parents. Therefore, we feel urged to assist them and give them the support they need throughout their journey at AUD. We take pride in sharing our student achievements, a testimony that we are serving the university’s mission, ‘’leading to students’ academic, personal and professional success, as well as the advancement of society,” commented Sara Sleem, Assistant Director of Admissions – Enrollment.
Students and parents had the chance to learn about the different services provided to AUD students through AUD’s administrative support units that integrate to deliver a 360 degrees “whole person” education approach. Representatives from the Finance Office, Health Center, Student services (Counseling, Student Activities, Athletics and Housing), Student Retention and Success Office (AUD Academic Advisors, Career Services and Academic Support), Office of Communications (Study Abroad Opportunities); as well as the Admissions Office were pleased to introduce their services to our visitors and address any questions.
Moreover, the session served as an opportunity for students and parents to engage with distinguished AUD Alumni during the “Proud to Be AUD” panel discussion.
Additionally, AUD student ambassadors led attendees across campus into separate presentation rooms according to their program of interest;- where they had the chance to meet faculty, and address their questions regarding the various programs, courses, and career tracks.
 “An AUD education targets human development in all its glorious dimensions. AUD transforms. It enlightens. It expands horizons... An AUD education fights fear and intolerance. It instills ambition with a sense of responsibility… It is a calling to contribute. Indeed, an AUD education feeds the mind, the heart and the soul... An AUD education happens… “Lance de Masi, AUD President.