Students present to PeopleFirst HR
The SBA students recently took part in a special project commissoned by the PeopleFirst HR Consultancy to present HR policies and practices that reflect Centennials' needs and expectations from employers.

The purpose of the project was to give students an opportunity to apply their learning by working on a ‘real life’ HR work place task.
The project objectives included:
             To provide an opportunity for students to apply HR theories and concepts studied during the Human Resource Management course
             To develop knowledge and support the learning process of  various topics covered in the syllabus
             To provide students an opportunity to develop ‘real life’ HR solutions that could be used by industry going forward
             To gain insights into the perspective of a fresh graduate from the Centennials generation that could potentially shape and influence key HR activities going forward
PeopleFirst is an HR Consulting practice that offers HR consultancy services to large and small organizations across the GCC and wider Middle East region. The company is growing and the MD wishes to expand the talent pool by recruiting fresh graduates. The MD believes hiring fresh graduates from the Centennial generation is important as they will shape and influence how businesses operate going forward. In preparation for the next recruitment drive the MD would like to ensure that the company’s HR policies and practices reflect the needs and characteristics of the Centennial generation and has asked AUD students to design HR solutions that will help PeopleFirst attract and retain the best Graduate talent entering into the ‘world of work’.

The 32 students enrolled in the class were divided into six groups, with each group choosing a topic (from Recruitment & Selection, Onboarding, Job Design, Compensation & Benefits, Performance Management, and Career Development). The overall approach mandated that students conduct a survey of at least 50 students from AUD and/or other universities. Each group had to prepare a questionnaire to collect data/inputs that will help design solutions for the challenges.  The results were presented and recommendations / solutions made based on research findings.
The winning team will have their report published in the PeopleFirst Newsletter that goes out to their network of business leaders as this will be of great interest to potential employers. The winning team will have the opportunity to complete an internship at PeopleFirst and they will also be awarded a cash prize which they can donate to a charity of their choice, in this the UAE’s year of giving.