Deniz Gokalp training at the American University of Iraq - Suleimaniah
As part of a two-year long research project led by Dr. Deniz Gökalp in collaboration with London School of Economics (LSE), and funded by Emirates Foundation for Philanthropy, a training course took place at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimaniyah on 24-25 May 2017.
The course was aimed at professionals working on displacement issues at senior or junior levels in government offices, international and multilateral organizations, local civil society, camp management and academia in Iraq. Jeff Drumtra, an international expert on displacement and humanitarian protection, provided the participants with insights on the international humanitarian frameworks on the response to the IDPs, IDPs' rights, and how to draw policies and response programmes geared towards good legal-policy framework typically needed at national level. The course examined multiple issues, trends, and challenges of internal displacement at a global, national, and local level; and provided comparative perspective that enabled training participants to compare and contrast displacement issues in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq with displacement challenges occurring elsewhere in the world. It also examined the UN Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement and applicability to the local context, review international standards for assistance, and discuss strengths and weaknesses of the international system of humanitarian response, including common gaps between policies and field operations. The training was interactive, and participants were able to engage in discussion. Group exercises and plenary discussions were also integrated into the course. Dr. Deniz Gökalp attended the training course, and took part in the discussions trying to understand the situation of more than three million internally displaced Iraqis and the day-to-day struggles of the local authorities and humanitarian workers helping them under extremely challenging circumstances and with limited resources available.  

Dr. Deniz Gökalp of the School of Arts and Sciences and the Department of International and Middle Eastern Studies at AUD has been doing research on and in Iraq since 2013 in collaboration with the London School of Economics. Her research collaboration has produced several workshops, international conferences and training courses dealing with women’s and human rights, and the rights of internally and internationally displaced people in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Dr. Gökalp has also produced book chapters, academic articles, blog articles and conference papers based on her research, and able to involve several AUD students in her research. With constant support from the School of Arts and Sciences and the AUD administration and staff, she aims to continue her research-oriented activities alone as well as in collaboration with research partners.