Mr. Mojahed Al Sebae-Partner at Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants gives a guest lecture to SBA students
Mr. Mojahed Al Sebae-Partner at Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants, guest speaker at the SBA.
In support of the School of Business Administration’s (SBA) mission to provide students with a ‘career-oriented business education’, and as part of the Department of Business and Economics continued plan to invite and engage with local experts in different areas of industry, the Department held another presentation on Contract Law which is part of its Law & Ethics Presentation Series.
The presentation was delivered by Mr. Mojahed Al Sebae-Partner at Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants- who has an extensive experience in Commercial, Corporate, Real Estate and Litigation. Mr. Al Sebae has significant experience with various regulatory bodies in the UAE as well as advising leading local and international corporations on several complex and strategic matters some of which included Sharia compliance issues. In addition, Mr. Al Sebae is a qualified legal trainer providing training sessions as part of the Continuing Legal Professional Development Programme (CLPD) by the Dubai Legal Affairs Department and has participated in several industry-focused conferences in the UAE.
In his presentation, which was entitled: “Practical Aspects Relating to Contracts”, Mr. Al Sebae examined the three main key areas to focus on when entering into contracts. The issues are divided into categories: (1) Key issues to consider prior to entering into a contract; (2) key issues when drafting, reviewing, commenting or advising on a contract; and (3) key issues to consider following the signing of a contract.
Dr. Akram Al Matarneh, Assistant Professor of Business Administration-organizer of the event- concluded by thanking Mr. Al Sebae for his time spent delivering an invaluable lecture to a large number of students. “It is significant to conduct similar events aiming at supporting and strengthening students’ learning objectives and widening their knowledge and skills by providing them with practical experiences demonstrated by experts in the field. The School was so proud to have someone who is coming from a leading law firm such as Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants that is recognized as one of the oldest and largest law firms in the Middle East region.” commented Dr. Al Matarneh.

The School of Business Administration plans to continue the successful series throughout every semester, inviting speakers to address different disciplines, including: banking and financial services, corporate governance, and legal.