Leo Burnett executives address Marketing students
Students are taught how to write a brief, and work on real client case studies.
Leo Burnett in the classroom
Executives from the Leo Burnett advertising agency hosted a session for AUD marketing students, who were taken on an insightful journey into the advertising agency world, learning about the different departments and going through real client case studies..
Several subjects were discussed during the dynamic talk, with the main topics revolving around how advertising agencies run, and their role within the business sector. Students engaged in the case study of GMC, who  recently introduced their new brands and objectives through two new major campaigns. Students were also taught how to perfect a creative brief, as well as discussing best practices in client servicing. Furthermore, students were involved in activities by Leo Burnet to test their observation skills and knowledge in advertising.  The presentation ended with a Q&A session between the students and Leo Burnett Executives.
Further collaboration between Leo Burnett and AUD will be taking place throughout the academic year, giving students insights into the professional world of advertising, complementing their academic curriculum with real industry exposure.