Science Division win at the Emirates Environmental Group 17th Public Speaking Competition
The team won 2nd runner up in the "Sustainable food systems - Understanding food security" category.
AUD students at the Science Division, School of Arts and Sciences (SOAS), won third place (2nd Runner up) in the "Sustainable Food Systems - Understanding Food Security" category at the Emirates Environmental Environmental Group (EEG) competition. 

The team competed in the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG), 17th Inter College Environmental Public Speaking Competition 2017, shining in the  category of “Sustainable Food Systems – Understanding Food Security”. It was a very exciting competition, with near 70 groups from all the top UAE and regional universities ( Saudi Arabia, Oman, Sudan among other) competing in the 4 competition categories over 2 days. The judgine panel was comprised of  leading companies and professionals from the sustainability industry.

This was our first time for AUD and the School of Arts and Science to enter the competition. 
Our Science Division’s student team was composed of the following students: Varun Hirani, Zahra Al Shaiba, Genevieve Louise Graham, Chandni Ganesh .

The students worked hard and diligently, attending meetings, engaging in lively weekly discussions, and preparing their presentation materials for over two months. On the day (28.11.2017), they impressed the judges with their dynamic and informative presentation, eloquence and composure in delivering their environmental message.
Included in the faculty and staff supporting team from AUD were: Profs. Meis Moukayed, Trayle Kulshan, Mai Naji, Malini Haridas, Ajmila Islam, Rehaf Madani. 

"As Life Science Division faculty we enjoyed taking these students through their learning journey. It provided everyone with a great opportunity to make the environmental a focal part of these students education, enabling them to discuss their sustainability ideas, expand and refine their knowledge about the environment and propose solutions to global environmental problems particularly this critical problem of food security and sustainability. Every single member of the life science faculty contributed in part of the supervision whether it was with expert knowledge or time or guidance", commented Professor Meis Mokayed. She added: "For us as a complete Life Science Division faculty team, we enjoyed and shared in great team spirit the new experience of managing a very diverse group of students for unified goals – AUD, student learning and the environment."